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Beta Site

Work continues apace on the site. Still lots of work to be done, particularly to integrate all the interactive elements of the site, but we are aiming to launch in a couple of weeks.

Having previously posted some static screenshots of the new design we have now released a “beta” version. As a beta site it’s not fully functioning at the moment but most of the content should be there and a number of the applications should also work. Some of the things that won’t quite do what you expect are the search, local information, online services, forms and payments.

Do feedback your thoughts on how things are shaping up.


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As part of the site redesign we want to use more images of people, places, and activities from around Aberdeenshire. We have a bank of images available to us through our photography department but we would love to use photos submitted by you too.

We can give credit on the photograph submitted if required. Photos submitted with identifiable people in them would need to have permission from your subjects giving us permission to use the photo on our website.

If you have a photo you would like to share with us then please post your photo onto a photo sharing website such as Flickr and email the web link to shirephotos@aberdeenshire.gov.uk. Please add “shirephotos” in the image comment or image tags so we know which photos you are submitting.

Looking forward to seeing some outstanding images!

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Have you had a good or bad experience using a website recently?  Whether it be not finding what you wanted on a site or if you had difficulty working out how to complete a task such as purchasing something. A bad experience using a website can put you off coming back or completing the task you set out to achieve.  A good experience might make you want to come back more readily and spend more time on the site.

As part of the redesign we will be testing the site both in terms of usability and accessibility throughout the process.  Having a good user experience while using our site is a very important factor for us.

I wanted to find out which sites you like to use, ones which keep you coming back and ones which you have had bad experiences with.  Why did the site make you want to go back or stay far away?

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