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The team are hard at work building the new site and I thought it was about time that we gave everyone a look at some of the pages which we’ve been working on. Hopefully these screenshots will demonstrate some of the ideas behind our changes.

As well as refreshing the overall look and feel of the site we are trying to address a couple of key usability improvements:

  • improve the overall “findability” of the information and services you’re looking for; and
  • increase the site-wide exposure of pages that we’d like to promote to you

We are focussing on key pages across the site to achieve both of these aims. For example you will be able to jump to a series of pages targetting a particular group of users, for example Parents or Older People. On these pages we are bringing together featured content, popular services, related news and useful links which should be particularly relevant to that group. Here’s an example of the page for Visitors:

We are also aiming to give direct access to popular information and transactional services from pages which are closer to the “top” of the site structure. Here’s an example of the new Public Transport page which now includes a bus timetable search:

Hope you like the ideas which we’re developing. Do let us know if you can think of any other improvements which could help to make the site more user friendly.

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