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We’ve been working on the new site for a few weeks now we would like some fresh insight. One way to find out if it really works is to test it with some real users.

I will therefore be in Ellon Library next Friday morning (17th October) with my thick-skinned suit on, laptop at the ready awaiting your comments!If you fancy dropping in, we will have an almost completely working version of the site and would love to ask you a few simple questions.

Testing one user is 100% better than testing none, however we are really hoping for 10 – 15 ‘volunteers’ to grab for a quick chat about the site. The more the merrier!

Alongside your first impressions I’ll be looking at 3 main points of the new design.

  • Its “effectiveness” – how easy it is to learn or complete a task.
  • Its “efficiency” – the speed at which a task can be completed.
  • Its “satisfaction” – your perception or opinion of the process.

Just as importantly, it would be great to hear your general thoughts on the site. Is it useful? Is it usable? Are we completely missing the point?

More details including times and other locations to follow early next week.

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